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There are risks of hairdressers cutting or injuring themselves through the use of their tools and by how they are using their hands and body.

Kaylene continues to educate hairdressers on the use of hand skills, correct use of their scissors and advocating more than one scissor in their kit. Just like a chef each tool represents a technique and we need to have the correct length, handpiece and edge to suit us and our chosen technique. We have both left and right handed tools available.

Let's look at some ways to eliminate these risks as once we determine them, we can be aware of them.

Hairdressing has long been an industry of injuries, e.g. repetitive strain injury (RSI), carpal tunnel, neck, shoulder and hip injuries, let alone cuttings. The occupational overuse syndrome often develops over a period of time; working with one scissor in the same hand position for a long duration of time can cause problems. Awareness of repetitive and sustained awkward positions is vital to hairdressers. We hairdressers can create naughty habits

Addressing body aches and pains is important, we need to keep our posture straight, bouncy and aligned with our client while also being very aware of how we can swing our hips and twist our feet. The core energy posture of our body is from the shoulders through to the waist, therefore be aware when using cutting stools - where our arms are positioned and how far we are bending.

The use of the finger rest on our scissors is important as our pinkie fingers are connected to our neck and shoulders (Kaylene calls this a cup of tea finger) and because they give our hand's balance for the many horizontal cutting techniques. Colourful inserts are used as grip of our hands, and our fingers should be beautifully rounded and in a soft comfortable position with no strain. Allow your scissors to be an extension of your hands. At $5.00 a packet change your inserts regularly due to hygiene standards.

Sharp scissors can cause injury if not handled correctly. We encourage the hairdresser to learn more vertical techniques, work away from the hair and fingers and know how to master each blade. Blunt scissors can make the hairdresser use force with their thumb, and have to literally CUT THE HAIR. Bad hand skills can develop, time for cutting is increased and this can also make the hairdresser underestimate their skill level.



Kaylene and Excellent Edges provide bandaids also in case of ever being needed.(Hopefully Not)

Scissors can be worn in a belt, kept in a case or stored in the first drawer of a trolley. Please do not place your scissors on the top of trolleys as your scissors are susceptible to blade damage or chipping from chemicals, clips, product tins or the weight of blow-dryers. A clean towel should be placed in the trolley daily. Use razor containers and never leave used razors blades on the trolley.

In the event of a cutting incident, a First Aid Kit should be available and fully maintained, wash with antibacterial hand wash, use paper towels and bandaids. If a client has been harmed, they too should have this procedure followed. BE AWARE. After an incident, all scissors and combs should be cleaned with bacterial wipes, run under boiling water, oiled and chamois.

Have your scissors been serviced, oiled, chamois, tightened and maintained correctly?

We will only advise that any scissors purchased are sent back to our blade smiths at our Ringwood, Victoria workshop; there they will be serviced, not just sharpened, and returned as good as new. Most likely this will need to be every 18 months to 2 years depending on how well you treat the scissor. If they are dropped and a burr occurs they will need to be looked at by a blade smith, if they are fine keep cutting.

Loose scissors are like a tyre with not enough air, they are hard to drive and can make the hair buckle once again increasing time and decreasing skill.
Tensioning your scissor is made easy with the nut or screw and can be tightened gently with your fingers.

With each scissor purchased an oil, chamois and case are provided. We would recommend that you oil and chamois daily if you are very good and weekly if you are a bit naughty.

Service boxes are also available to make it as easy as possible when you are sending your scissor to Ringwood.

If you look after your scissor your scissor will look after you.

Scissor Safety
Scissor Safety
Servicework being carried out by Russ one of our bladesmith in Ringwood factory.